Thursday, December 8, 2011

Moving on and Naked Garlic

So glad I got all of that frustration from having to change our diet out of my system!  Having to make major changes was getting the best of me and I needed to vent.  Having gotten that out of the way has opened the door to creativity.  I love that when that happens!  It has also brought me back to one of my loves which is cooking.  I have a whole new place to go now with this allergy issue.

 MY GOAL:  Find recipes for food that are healthy, allergy free and delicious without having to completely let go of our traditions.

On the way, I have learned a new trick that is just too good to keep to myself.  This will be especially great for all of you who love garlic because this tip will make using garlic a snap.

Take a large bud of garlic and place it on a hard surface, like your counter top.  Set it root side down.

Take a large stainless steel bowl and SMASH it down on the garlic.  This is no time to be timid.  Wail away!

You should see all the buds separate out from the full clove.  

STEP THREE: Put all the cloves of garlic into the stainless steel bowl.

STEP FOUR: Cover the bowl with a smaller bowl that acts as a lid.

STEP FIVE: Holding the small bowl on top of the large bowl, pick them up and SHAKE!!  Up and down vigorously for a minute or so.

What you will see when you take off the bowl lid is that the garlic cloves jump out of their papery covers.

Keep removing the cloves as they shed their coverings and repeat the shaking until all the cloves are naked.
Now you have a full bud of denuded garlic cloves ready for that delicious recipe you have in mind.  Here's one that I just made.  Enjoy!

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