Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Walk on the Wild Side

The path before me today... a walk among the wildflowers.

Today was bucket day.  My bucket, that is.  It was getting very low, so today I played hooky and went to spend time in the garden.  I traipsed through the prairie, the woods, along the lake and sat on a bench near the marsh watching the dragonflies chase one another.  I heard frogs plop into the water to hide, fish splash their tails to warn me off and the shouts and laughter of canoeists on the lake.  I met a hummingbird who thought I was a blooming bush, tiptoed around the tiniest bluets and spied on a spider hiding on a mayapple bloom.  Maybe today you need your bucket filled up, too.  So, take a short walk with me as we let go of all that is tugging on us and spend a few moments losing ourselves in this beautiful creation.

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