Sunday, April 22, 2012

When 3 = 4

3 Adorable handmade gifts = 4 seasons of Ugly Betty

Oh my, have I been busy!  But I have laughed my way through the making of these birthday gifts for my grandsons Finley,3 and his baby brother, Braden, who just turned one.  And I made it through all the hours of hand stitching by watching Ugly Betty all 4 seasons.  

I started out working on the little teddy bear and cake for Braden, then worked my way through all of the hand applique for Finley's notebook.  I watched Betty go from her first job interview to landing a editor's job in London.  While my scissors were snipping out tiny little pattern pieces, I watched Vanessa Williams cutting down underlings with down-to-the-bone remarks.  I crafted soft playthings while Eric Mabius' character Daniel Meade struggled with his playboy reputation.  I watched haute couture being adored by Becki Newton's Amanda and Marc St. James( Michael Urie)and Betty being tortured by this dynamic duo.  All and all, it was good times.  

Not sure what's up next, but am on the hunt for a new muse!


  1. Cute momma!!! I wish I had one!!

  2. Love Betty! And love the goodies!

    1. I want more Betty. And I loved watching the videos of the present openings. Dave and I felt like we have our own tv channel of grandbabies.

  3. Those are amazing!!! Really cute, Momma :-)