Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Tricks

I have this thing about efficiency.  Kinda crazy sometimes how I don't like to add unnecessary steps to tasks, use of my money, driving.  A control thing with me, but it does pay off.  Like connecting to TV these days.  Pretty certain TV is going to an internet thing and I HATE paying for internet access for computers and then again to watch TV. So here's how not to.

We received a super gift from our daughter, Summer, a mini-computer device called Roku.  Roku feeds internet TV channels to play on your television.  Smart, huh?!  It does this through streaming and you can play Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, as well as many, many other channels from their channel store.  All you pay for is the device and an Ethernet or wi-fi connection.  If you have mobile Apple devices you can pick up the channels on your phone or iPad.  It's under $60 and ships free.

And the little Roku is only 3''x3''x1'' in size, easy to set up even on an old TV set like ours.

HaHa I probably did sit in front of one of these at one time.

When you get your Roku all set-up then you can add a subscription streaming channel called PlayOn. You can get the software subscription on special for about $20.00 annual. 

PlayOn is a software program that has to load on to a PC, but it gives you all the sports channels from ESPN, Comedy Central, Fox, Disney, PBS, and more but here is the one I want to talk about, YouTube.

Once you have YouTube, then you can tap into people you know who load up their videos on to YouTube.  We get to see our grand-babies on TV when our daughter-in-law, Rachel, posts videos of them on her YouTube account.  Voila!  Our own private family channel on TV! 

My history with TV has now come full circle, from the days when it was a new family activity with limited choices to making it about what I want it to be.  At about what it costs for 1 month of TV services.  Ahh, I love it when that happens!    

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