Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Prince and the Tree

"Who are you and why are you here? What is it that you want" the Fin Scout asked.  "I am King Father the Elder from the Garden of the West.  This is my Queen, Mother of Scots.  We have come here seeking the Warrior Prince.  We know this is a magical place and need your help to cross the Talking River."  " I am not here to help you, leave at once!" was the Fin Scout's reply.  Father King, knowing that he could not let harm come to his Queen and that this was their only chance to pass, spoke the deepest magic...the name of the little one they sought.  At once the Fin Soldiers froze and became as still as metalworks.  At once, the Talking River became turbulent.  Water rose and fell.  From the depths of the river, steps rose up.  As Father King and Mother Queen watched. descending the steps came the largest Water Spider.  Quickly, Father King raised his Image Maker and took the Water Spider's Image.  This stunned the Water Spider and Father King captured him, taking him as a prisoner and gift to the Warrior Prince.

Father King the Elder and his Queen crossed the Talking River and continued on their journey to find the secret castle and the Warrior Prince.  Behind them, as they left the Talking River, they could hear the Singing Flowers... 

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