Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rabbits! and Fawns

Let me introduce you to Peter Rabbit. He was born this summer and I see him often in the yard outside my window. He looks like an innocent little fellow.

Caught! Through the window you can see he loves to eat my flowers...yesterday I felt like Elmer Fudd. I have been nursing along some Egyptian pea vines, only to discover that the little wabbit had severed four of my vines. I wanted to blast the little varmint. I wouldn't have minded giving up some of the new growth to feed Peter's appetite, but when he severed the vines at the base, I was furious!! Wascally Wabbit!

Let me introdue you to our new residents, a set of twin fawns. They are recent residents and when I went out to capture Peter's portrait, I was met by these two playing in the creek.

They are so fun to watch, the love to run and chase one another. They act just like any baby animal, running about in circles, nudging one another, dashing off to chase something only they see.
And kicking up their heels! I will have this love affair with them until they, too, think my garden is lunch.....

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