Friday, July 31, 2009

Follow that Bum!

Babies have the cutest
bums! This one is headed out to one of the better pastimes of
summer...sitting on yours. A recent bum friendly activity in
our hometown....
once a week,
under the shady
elms quite a large
crowd gathers,
bringing a picnic supper or a
simple snack, folding lawn
chairs or blankets,
ready to enjoy an
hour of lovely entertainment
by this gentleman, Dr. Andrew Trachsel, homegrown Iowa

Here are others who help him
out with the evenings' activity.
The Athens Community Band.
This concert also featured the
director of the North Texas State Woodwind Band who brought his band to attend an
in Cinncinatti. We were lucky to be entertained with music written by various American
composers. Music floating on the warm air, families gathered
to spend time together on the summer evening, children
playing in the background. And where all varied bums rest to enjoy.

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