Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ReAr VieW

What better way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon than looking over the rear ends of antique cars?  Well, you may think that you might not like it...but somehow if you don't have to be any particular place and you feel like moseying through the afternoon....it's a pretty carefree thing to do.
  After strolling past oodles of well turned out automobiles, you begin to fantasize about movies you have seen some of the cars in or a car you may have ridden in when you were a kid.  You might remember how your grandfather babied his automobile and spent Sunday afternoons polishing and tuning it up to look super sharp.  Then a flood of memories come back and soon you find someone who wants to tell you theirs.
  Or maybe you like to wait around until you hear the motors rev up as the drivers get ready to leave the car show.  Suddenly, the crowd parts and stands to the side and watches the spontaneous parade of cars.  Each passes like a beauty queen walking down the runway, purring it's way home.  Ahhh...love that chrome and smell of new paint.  Not very Green, but definitely sweet.

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