Monday, October 12, 2009

Where Clouds Sleep

Morning Mist in the Forest

I am on the go now in the early morning soon after the sun rises.  Where I live, in the early morning you get to hang out with the clouds.  And you don't need special powers to fly or an airplane or transcendental meditation skills to elevate yourself.  The reason is, that the clouds come down to the ground here at night and go to sleep.  They like to lay over water in lakes and ponds, or on the river.  I'd think it would be especially chilly, but if you are a cloud, you probably feel closer to water than you would to ground.  These clouds are also the large ones that can cover up a whole valley or a river.  Or, they can make an area seem as if in a half a mile that the world comes to an end and you might fall off an unforseen edge. Many are also wispy.  But today the clouds must definitely had a Love It sundae at Coldstones or workout on the climbing wall, because they were very beefy.  The color when you are driving up to them is at first a silvery gray, but as the sun light  reflected  off the tops, you could see the palest of palest pink and orange. 

People here are used to sharing the land with the clouds.  When I first came here it really freaked me out to be out driving at night when the clouds came down to rest.  The road quickly would become swallowed up with the density of the clouds and you could not see what was in front of you.  Fog lights would help out some, but not very much.  Everything took on a mystery, because you didn't know what it was!  It made me a very slow and careful driver.  Yet, the locals would wiz through the clouds as if they were just a puff of smoke.  So, eventually I calmed down and learned to trust the other drivers more.  And it's pretty safe as people here seem to know how to navigate their way through the clouds on their roads.

I like to watch the big sleeping giants.  They wake up with the sunlight and start to rise up to greet the morning.  It's neat to look at the changes in the landscape when the clouds cover them.  And sometimes you forget where you are because you can see so little to orientate yourself to the locations.  It is a quiet and peaceful world with the clouds close at hand.  It makes me feel lighter and relaxed to live close to the clouds.  I'm glad they come down and share themelves with us land lubbers.  It's something that makes living here just a little more special.  It also makes you pay attention and not take the world around you for granted or granite, whichever you prefer.


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  2. I could hear the quiet as you drove through the clouds