Wednesday, November 25, 2009

T-Day Countdown and all the Trimmings

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It is almost here and I have been ssoooo busy getting ready for the over the river and through the woods holiday!  And where I live in the Appalachian foothills, it truly is an over the river and through the woods this Grandmama will go.  This girl is up late waiting for the pumpkin pies to finish baking and thought I would share some photos of my daughter and I on our marathon of cooking.
We started out 3 days ago and we are just about at the end.

Maya trying out a delicious cranberry before we turn them into candied cranberry sauce.

Here are 3 lbs. of freshly washed button mushrooms before they become cooked in an Italian marinade with fresh tarragon.
And, of course we start baking with the best possible organic ingredients as requested for this year's feast.

Maya whips up a batch of homemade brown and serve rolls, while I peel apples and powder sugar for apple pie and seckel pear pie, fruit fresh from the local farmer's market.

Brown and serve honey wheat rolls are ready to pre-bake and freeze.  Over the next few days we finished up by including a homemade cherry pie, baking a large pie pumpkin for 2 pumpkin pies and loaves of pumpkin bread.  Mmmm!

We are on our way tomorrow to join the rest of the family for Thanksgiving holiday.  Our trek will take us through the mountains of West Virginia and on towards the coast.  
Have a blessed Thanksgiving with those whom you love.

And if you think that you would like to do some good works, go to the link below and vote for the charity listed.  It feels good to help out.  Peace.

If you are a facebook user and you would like to support arts organizations, please go and vote for Lexington Children's Theater to help them to get backing they need.

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