Saturday, February 6, 2010


I like restaurants.  I like to  try new food, see how a restaurant space is put together, enjoy the eating and the people watching.  Eating is pretty high on the list.  Tied with cooking and then anticipating the eating. I am sure you can relate.  

So, when I was out in the Bay area and visiting the David Brower Center, there was an added bonus of getting a sneak peek of a new restaurant space being put together.  This one is called : Gather.
OOps..I think I pulled up something in my future design folder, let me dig around some more in my computer files.... 

Here we go...GATHER
This space is pretty interesting if you are like me and enjoy seeing new ideas of interior design.  I like big open areas with lots of natural light.  That is Gather's strength, at least one of them.  What we are looking at is the bar area of the restaurant.  Light, airy natural wood, simple and clean lines.  Everything here in this space was also planned with another principle in mind..REUSE.  For instance, the bar top is recycled wood.  And the bar lights, if you look close enough you will see that they are reused vodka bottles.

Let's move around and see what else is going on in this space.....

Here is the main space of the Gather restaurant, looking out onto a side street of Berkley where it lives.  Simple with natural light. Check out the "art" on the walls...they are showcasing home canned food.  The main lights are fishing nets. This is a shot of 1/5 of the total floor space.  The windows wrap around the entire space and the outside perimeter of the dining area is window seating.
Opposite wall of the dining area is the kitchen, open to the dining space.  More showcasing of home canned food and a menu that utilizes local ingredients and specializes in vegan and vegetarian cuisine as well as a full menu.

Details make the difference...the wrap around window seating is covered with custom leather, that is actually recycled leather belts sewn together.
The wood table tops are made from recycled wood from a water tower.

Supporting local artists, Gather commissions revolving installations.  Here is a wall mural that is in the bar area.

Gather supplied the materials for the mural, also.  

Back to the Earth is a wall mural created by Nicole Silapere made from the packing materials from Gather's chair shipment.  All ongoing art pieces are to be made from the wastestream of Gather.   Recycled garbage made into art works.  

Putting that all together...


Food?  I didn't get to try it ...but here are some offerings...


Sharing their dream,  the folks at Gather have put together a space that is inviting and challenging.  And my connection?  It is in the building where my daughter, Lili works.  Hmmm, isn't it time for a little something?

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