Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New kids on the block

G'day to you all!  I am writing from our new location in the Ohio River Valley.  We have just settled into our lovely old 1934 Spanish revival bungalow on land that was first surveyed and recorded in 1786.  This land was surveyed and set by boundaries that used trees and a creek as the landmarks.  Native trees at the time were maples, white ash, sweet gum beeches, sugar trees and dogwoods.

Sweet gum beech

White ash

I am not sure what tree is being referenced as the sugar tree, as it is specified as not a sweet gum beech.  On our property we have a black walnut, a dogwood, a white ash, a crape myrtle, an ornamental crabapple and a rose of sharon.

White flowering dogwood

Rose of Sharon

Crape myrtle

The creek is now gone, but close by is a street named after it. 

This neighborhood is filled with homes that were built in the same time period; many in the arts and crafts prairie style.  The best part is that people love their old homes and maintain them well.  Many of our neighbors are gardeners with yards filled with flowers.  We've already had offers of plant sharings, so will have to decide what we have to share back. 

One thing we do have lots of right now are boxes!  And, I best attend to emptying a few more today.  Goal for today...have a functioning kitchen. 

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