Wednesday, June 2, 2010

reticent blogger returns

For the longest time, I have been lost.  Not into LOST, but into other things that have to do with school.  I have reenrolled in college for another degree, and I have been totally immersed in what I am doing.  I am studying e-business.  Which I know the next question will be...what is that?  E-business is everything you would do that involves business done electronically.  Primarily, that means using the web.

I have been hanging out with my peers who are a bunch of pretty darn smart people.  I have been looking inside computers and having labs on HTML, DOS and WEP.  People who deal with IT love acronyms.   Learn this language if you want to throw around some weight talking about computer stuff.  

I have found that there is so much for me to learn, that the more I learn, the more there is to learn.  Goes on and on in this field.  Everything I learned this year will be outdated soon.  If you think that there is a feeling of humility in this field that would be a definite.  

But it is fascinating to me.  And I suppose that is what drives to me to do this.  If I knew at the beginning that I would be studying business and not graphic design, I may have balked at the idea.  But now, I like it. And I like that everyone uses it, so the possibilities of who you will work with is endless.  Pretty cool, huh?

I like knowing how things work, so it is that everyday I find out something new.  Today I learned about EDI, CRM, FAQs, SQL.  I told you, know what the letters stand for.  (It is coded because some of it is just darn silly.)  Check into this interface, pardner.  

Yeah, and we get atta girls for spending time surfing the web...I know, you can't believe it.  I love that.

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