Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gardens- A Sweet 16

Long ago, I found my muse for creativity in a garden.  It wasn't a spectacular garden; it did have form and scale.  Large sculptural boxwood hedges, natural stone paths and benches and a rose garden in the center.  What inspired me were the feelings that came to me sitting there and sketching. Awe, connection, delight, mystery.  And those feelings keep drawing me back to gardens.  

Here are some inspirations for you.  Maybe for creating a garden; maybe for a moment of beauty.  Cultivate some inspiration.

I love the color contrast in this and the sculpture used to frame these plants.

This feels like water to me or a large open prairie of Kansas.

I like the idea of walking down from a garden to the front door of this cabin.

Doors in a garden always seem to beckon to something to discover.

Paths...make you feel like a child seeing things for the first time.

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