Sunday, July 29, 2012

Books, Books, and e-Books

I love books.  Books have been my companion since early childhood. Thank God I was born before there was a TV in every home and I was read to.  Not that I am on a nostalgia soapbox, but I know if there had been a TV around my mother would have let that be our story teller.

My 2 favorite books of all time are Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh.  I know, who doesn't say that?  But seriously, these 2 books make me feel fear, laughter, joy, anger, injustice, playfulness and tickle my imagination.  And who hasn't run into a Tigger or Red Queen in their lives?  And if you don't know what I am talking about and have not read about these characters, you have limited your life experience.  (C'mon, we all love Disney but you need to get your hands on the back story.)

Go to the source.  Keep that in mind.  Because I want to talk about LIBRARIES.  The mecca for book lovers.  Don't click away yet; stay with me for a bit.  For those of you already library savvy, you can just nod your heads.  But for the rest who only use the web, you are depriving yourself of a huge resource for e-books.

Kindle.  I fought it.  

Who could like holding an electronic device over a creamy paper, engraving filled Book?  I found out that I can love both.  And it was my library that helped me to really LOVE my kindle.
My Kindle with keyboard

My library has a digital library online where I can check out e-books.  It is a super simple process.  I go to their online selection, browse through the e-books they have available, select up to 4 e-books which I place in my cart and then checkout.

I can choose which format I want my ebook delivered in, choose "Kindle book" and then my library activates my selection through  I go to my Amazon account, put the active selection in my cart and checkout my e-books which are wirelessly sent to my Kindle.  This whole process takes me less than 5 minutes.  I receive my e-books through Amazon and when my loan period is up, they are automatically returned.  No rushing to the library to drop off books, no overdue fines and a great selection.  

My library has now partnered with 2 other libraries that I can check out e-books from.  And I have a record of the books that I have read on my Kindle.  

Kindle. I love it!

Questions?  Amazon covers all you need to know.  So check out your library's website and see if they have a digital library or access to one.  And get yourself acquainted with some great reads with memorable characters.  You'll be in wonderful company!

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