Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday! We are all as old as dirt!

Let me just extend birthday wishes to everyone because today, and everyday, we are all as old as dirt!
Bet you thought that was just an expression that came out of some novel written by one of the Southern writers, like Tennessee Williams or Eudora Welty.

But guess what?  Everything that we are physically has been recycled since the beginning of life on the Earth.  All the minerals, nutrients and water that is part of these lovely bodies and brains that we have, has been recycled from somewhere else.  No new water has entered our life systems, no newly manufactured calories, no breaking- news diet supplement because it ALL HAS BEEN RECYCLED!

I could have some components of Cleopatra  in my system for all I know, even parts of Mount Kilimanjaro.  My body and your body has elements that have traveled from all corners of the world to arrive to their destination in your system.  That is pretty amazing and amazingly intimate.  

We share more in common with one another and the environment than we don't.  Whatever actions that we take in how we use things or treat things, sooner or later is going to affect us or our descendants right where we live INSIDE OUR BODIES.

Old school science video
How do I know this?  Because everything on Earth is in a closed system.  The only things that interact with the Earth that is renewed  is sunlight and wind.  That is it.  Nothing else.  Zip, Zap,batta bing.  All the components of life are shared through multiple systems of recycling.  I could open a new kind of thrift store where I sale you yourself because we are the ultimate recycled organism.

So, (and I gotta go here) when you take out the garbage you are looking at parts of you down the road.  When we see dirty rivers we are seeing parts of us in 6 months!  When we see mountaintop removal leeching high concentrations of spew into the soil and air, that could be in that spinach, chicken, avocado, almond salad we love so much for lunch.  It is a powerful mirror to look into.

Just sayin'....

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