Books I've Devoured

I love to read!  What I've read recently is...

I read this book immediately following my viewing of  12 Years A Slave.  I don't usually read fantasy fiction or science fiction and was prepared not to like this because the author writes in that genre.  Surprise!  I loved this story, the device of time travel to tell it, and the contemporary flavor of the telling.  There is much to process in Dana, the main character, and her experience.  
I am a sucker for a Sherlock Holmes mystery.  This one had all the intrigue, the change ups that we have come to love about Sherlock.  I just hope that PBS takes this one on in their new dramatization series because I'd love to see what they would do with it as a modern story.
I did not find this story to be as captivating as others have reviewed it.  One of the book club members summarized this well when she stated, "This is a self-help book written in story form."  Decide for yourself.
My first Malcolm Gladwell and I loved this!  If you want a new perspective on life, this book will deliver.  You not only begin to think outside of the box, you also begin to redefine the box itself.
This book had a special meaning to me having lived in the Appalachian foothills.  This is a compelling account of the social history of Cumberlands and the affect of the railroads and coal mining in the area.  Anne Caudill, wife of Harry, came to our discussion in our book club.  She was intriguing to listen to.  Kentucky is revisiting this book and the area it covers in the 50th anniversary of its publication.
This story is also set in the Appalachians.  Barbara Kingsolver weaves in science and fiction to create a compelling story of what ifs.  My appreciation of the monarch butterfly was elevated in reading this tale.