Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Celebrate International Hummus Day!

What can you do with a can of chickpeas?  You can make a glorious bowl of hummus!  

And what can you make with a can of chickpeas?
You can make a plate full of gluten-free chocolate chip cookies!

And, you guessed it, you can make a basket of meringues from the liquid drained from a can of chickpeas.  It's amazing, it's delicious, but hard to  believe until you try it.

From the simplest things come something wonderful.  Hummus simply seasoned is so versatile you can have it as a dip, as a sandwich or wrap filling that is so satisfying.  And then with a change of adding sweetness, you can take the same simple principles of hummus making and change it up to be a favorite cookie of all time.  But the biggest change in appearance is the simplest of all to make and that is the meringue.  Reduced chickpea liquid, sugar and vanilla become something so amazing that it is causing a revolution in cooking.  And the credit goes to two gentlemen, Joel Roessel and Goose Wohlt, who decided to push conventional ingredients into a different direction.  You can find everything from nougat, buttercream frosting, royal icing, genoise being developed from this simple combination.  You can learn more about these experiments on the FB group, Vegan Meringue--Hits and Misses.  And here comes the RECIPES.

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