Friday, January 21, 2011

Brrrr...I hate to be cold.

Ask anyone who has lived with me knows, I.hate.cold  I can pinpoint a draft in a room faster than it takes to sit down in a chair.  I hate drafts and the cold.  I call myself the original draft dodger haha.  I know the nerd in me is silly.
Anyway, I hate coldness.  And that can be a challenge when you live somewhere when the weather can look like this:

Where I don't want to be
 Not really, but when it is winter it sometimes feels a lot like this if you are sensitive to cold.  So here's the point. I want to actually make it colder in my house.  It will be a challenge to live with that. Here's my new pebble. If you missed my first pebble posting check it out here.

Tonight we will turn down the thermostat in the house and use an electric mattress pad to keep us warm instead.
Okay, I have said this out loud so now it is official.  I'll keep you posted (literally, tee hee!).

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