Thursday, January 20, 2011

I have decided to stop sitting on my hands.

Happy new year to everyone!  Today, that seems very apparent to me because I have made a decision to commit to something.  I guess you could call it a new year's resolution, but I know this one has been percolating for awhile and today seemed to be the day to move forward.

I started this blog more or less to keep family posted about what I was up to.  And what I have discovered is that I want to spend a year talking more about being a good steward of the world, the people and our resources.  These issues are ongoing so it is a timeless topic.  For me, I have found myself moving more and more into a direction of care and protection of it.

I have made a few goals that I am going to inform you about on this blog.
  1.  Find ways to support more local businesses.
  2. Use less energy and support sustainability in my own small way.
  3. Educate myself on the science of environment and sustainability.
  4. Work to make life easier on those who are limited in resources.
  5. Make my home and land surrounding it less demanding on natural resources and limit toxicity.
I am gong to make some changes to make my use of things frugal.  I want to control what I can and I know that if we all do things in small ways they have a rippling effect. 

I call these small changes pebbles. Here's my first...

Today, I am going to turn off all computers, appliances, stereos, TVs that I am not using.  I will track the difference in my bill and see how much this changes my usage.

There is the start.  I am excited to share with you how this goes.  Maybe you will have so ideas to send along to me that I can add.  Here we go into a new year!

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  1. Yeah for you Mom! I need to do this at my house because our water bill goes up and up and it has to stop. After all it is the little things that make a difference, one person at a time.