Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Don't You love it when things you do make a difference?

Back when I started throwing pebbles around, I wanted to make a little impact on energy consumption.  I told you I would keep you informed about the development of turning off those things I don't use instead of leaving them in stand by status.  Here's the first month's update.

Now, look at the usage in the last month:

 This is a bit skewed as December isn't a typical month because we had lots of company for 10 days.  But, right now I am liking what I am seeing!  Will keep monitoring and see what sort of savings there will be.

Pebble #1
So you can give it a whirl yourself, because it is a pretty painless change and I have noticed that I am a bit more conscious of uses of electricity because I want this to be a success.  That has a factor I am sure.  Awww, the toss of a small pebble....


  1. What particular changes did you make in January?

  2. Turned off anything that had a stand-by status like the coffee pot, the computers, the stereo the televisions. Made sure that no lights were left on in a room that we were not in and using.